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E-Contracting Portal F&I

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E-Contracting Portal PCMI

Built to automate the full lifecycle of F&I products, service contracts, and extended warranties.

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Company Overview

  • Over two decades of experience serving as a dealer/agent advocate.
  • Focus on introducing innovative programs and utilizing advanced technology.

Vision for Collaboration

  • Aim to combine core strengths with dealer/agent partnerships.
  • Goal: Enhance revenue and profit outcomes for dealers/agents.

Comprehensive Services

  • Strategic Administration Group offers administration, risk management, and reinsurance solutions.
  • Customized products available through various distribution channels.

Market-Centric Approach

  • Emphasis on identifying market needs and adapting to market demands.
  • Goal: Provide flexible, timely, and personalized solutions.

Business Growth Opportunities

  • Strategy to expand with existing clients and attract new dealers prospects.
  • Leveraging insurance partnerships and technology platform for growth.

Advocate Approach Benefits

  • Agent/Dealer advocate model enhances product portfolio
  • Enables improved offerings for prospects and clients.


A list of products & services we offer

Vehicle Service Contracts

Collateral Protection Product

Guaranteed Asset Protection

Theft Prevention

Appearance Protection

Tire & Wheel Programs

Maintenance, lease and Car Care Plans

Three/ Four/ Five-in-One Protection

  • Franchised Automobile Dealers
  • Independent Automobile Dealers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Full Service Administration
  • High Mileage, Wrap, Limited Warranty programs

An insurance policy that protects auto loan lenders from financial losses resulting from having to pay claims when someone does not have auto insurance.

GAP provides protection against finance liability for individuals who finance a new or used vehicle. Coverage terms are available up to 84 months and in most states for both new and used vehicles.

Automobile theft is the most costly property crime today with 1 car stolen every 23 seconds. 38% are NEVER recovered! Etch can reduce theft by 60% and increase recovery to 85%. Not available in all states.

Interior and exterior paint and fabric products providing protection for your vehicle from environmental conditions. Not available in all states.

Road Hazard coverage for repair or replacement (like kind and quality). Also, wheel repair or replacement reimbursement for expenses in the event it it rendered unserviceable. Not available in all states.

Regular oil changes and tire rotations are essential for vehicle performance and warranty coverage. With the added benefits of windshield repair, tire repair or replacement, and dent removal, most concerns that vehicle owners traditionally face during ownership are met.

Single priced program, providing coverages for Paintless Dent Repair, Windshield Repair, Tire & Wheel, Chemicals, Key/Remote Replacement and Emergency Roadside Assistance.


Our Partners

SAG partners with a wide variety of business for claims, contracts, consulting, technology and much more. Below you will find some of our partners.